WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ceramic Coil Tanks

Ceramic Coil Vape Tanks

Since their introduction to the vaping arena, the enthusiastic group has provided tremendous answers from ceramic coil tanks. Compared to other formats, the long life of the platform is one of the key reasons why the ceramic vape tank has become so popular. As ceramic coil tanks do not conduct heat well (in terms of the core material), these systems can withstand too high temperatures without penalty. The ability to cut down on burnt flavours from accidental dry hits is another advantage of this platform, especially with the best ceramic coil tank. Again, dry hits are not going to burn the cotton wick because of the ceramic coil's inherent conductivity deficiency. The Sense Blazer Pro Sub Ohm Tank, the Innokin Gala Replacement Pod w/ Coil, and the Vaporesso, Gemini Sub Ohm Tank are some of the best ceramic coil tanks.

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