WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Vape Tanks

It's time to pick new vape and atomizer tanks for your device. These fantastic choices from the biggest names in vaping can never go wrong. Here you will find a range of ingenious dripper tanks constructed to maximize vapor, dissipate heat and optimize flavour, from RDAs and RTAs to RDTAs. You can also find specialized prototypes designed to work with particular devices for even better performance, such as experienced users' sub-ohm vape tanks and a wide variety of the new mesh coil type tanks. Discover our set of vape tanks for box mods, grown to match all kinds of vapers. We stock vape mod tanks from the best brands of vape tanks like SMOK, Innokin, and Vaporesso, including more specialized tank brands such as Geek Vape and Dot MoD, the world's most trustworthy brands.

Uwell Crown V Sub Ohm Tank

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What are Vape Tanks?

With the advent of e-liquid vaping, there are many new components and terms introduced in the vaping industry. Vape tanks are one of them, they are created to hold your e-liquid and a part called a coil, which is there to heat the liquid to produce vapours. Most tanks have a configuration called the 510 connectors, placed at the bottom of the tank on the peg. It gets its name from its length and the number of threads it has to connect. It serves to flow charge from one to another by connecting your tank onto the battery.

Types of Vape Tanks:

There are mainly two types of vape tanks based on the methods of vaping. The first is Direct to Lung, which uses low resistance coils, has larger & less-restrictive airflows, and is made with the intent to produce huge vapours. DTL vape tanks are best compatible with devices with higher wattage capacity to support the large coils required. This vaping provides an intense experience that's better suited for heavy smokers. It justifies its name by directly drawing vapor to the lungs rather than in the mouth.

The second type of vape tank is the Mouth to Lung vaping tank, this type of tank features more restrictive airflow but an intense flavour compared to DTL while employing less power to heat the coil. It's mainly suitable for beginners as it's easy for new vapers to start from MTL and then transfer to DTL because it's more similar to smoking. Little vapours than DTL and more nicotine concentration are usually satisfying than not.

Advanced Vape Tanks:

RDA vape tanks are advanced tanks with a rebuild able deck and utilize a premade coil. It allows the user to create its custom coil. Build to match user's personalized requirements in terms of resistance, coil size, and wicking material. Advanced Sub-Ohm tanks are more on the modern side as they need specialized equipment and knowledge to operate correctly than the other premade TC coils. This type of vape tank also features Temperature-Control compatible coils. Most of the new portable devices feature Temperature control technology which can be tricky to operate correctly.