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Vape Pod Systems

Vape Pod Systems

A 'pod' system is an e-cig that uses a 'pod' rather than a vape tank or atomizer, as you can infer from the term. Connect a pod, and you're ready to go to the required vape battery. Although the largest vape tanks can carry up to 6.5 ml or more, e-juice pods usually hold about 1 ml to 3 ml. A low-powered pull is provided by pod, using higher nicotine strengths with integrated pods rather than tanks. All these features combine to produce an ultra-portable vape device that is simple to use. Ultra-portable devices are Pod mods; lightweight, compact, and intensely standard. In recent years, pod devices' demand has accelerated due to their portability and convenient size and shape. New and old mod brands are now pumping out Pod vape systems' never-before-seen editions to keep up with the staggering demand. Check out standard pod devices from brands such as Smokpods, Aspire pods, Eleaf pods, VooPoo pods, Joyetech pods, Wismec pods, Vaporesso pods. Don't miss a new update - frequently check back on the Pod Systems Collection to find the latest and best generations of the easiest-to-use vape products in our online vape store.

Vaporesso Revenger X Starter Kit


Vaporesso Luxe S 220w Tc Box Kit


Voopoo Argus Air 25W ARGUS 900Mah Pod System


Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime 15w Pod System Kit


Vaporesso Forz Tx80 Box Kit 4.5ml With Rda Tank


Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Kit 650mAh


Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit 20W


Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Starter Kit - 18650mAh


Voopoo Argus Pro 3000mah 80w Vape Kit

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Types of Vape Pod System

Pods came in two different types, one those are prefilled and non-refillable. Second, those are refillable and disposable; let’s discuss both of them separately here:

Closed pod systems (prefilled option)

This type of pod is called closed because they came prefilled and didn't allow the user to refill. You can only replace the pod and install the new vape pod one with your choice flavour, but flavour compatibility is also limited. JULL, RELX and MOTI are examples of closed non-refillable pods.

Open pod system (Refillable pods)

These are called open pod systems because they allow users to refill with their favorite e-liquid. Refillable vape pods are for vapers who want to enjoy a wide variety of flavors. Refilling your pods may also cost you less than the closed pods. SMOK Novo 2, Suorin Air Plus and SMOK Nord fall under the category of open refillable pods.

How to select the Best Vape Pod System for yourself

Like any other vaping device selecting a pod system can be a challenging task. Selecting a pod for yourself is only a matter of choosing a pod with the right configuration that suits your personal preferences and vaping level. Here we are listing some of the critical aspects that you should look for while selecting your pod.

Size shape

pods are generally very compact and lightweight, making them ultra-portable, but they come in various sizes and shapes, from long pen shapes to small, skinny badge shapes. Depending upon the size and build material, every pod would have a different feel while carrying along in the pocket and hands.

Pod Capacity

since these are portable and compact devices, Pods usually have a small e-liquid tank capacity compared to Box mods and Sub-ohm devices. The smaller the pod tank capacity, the higher the need to refill the tank often. So, choose the one which has the most E-liquid capacity.

Flavour Option

As discussed above, if you choose the closed type of pods that are prefilled, you may have to compromise on flavour varieties, as some devices are only compatible with pods of their brands, and some brands have more flavour variety than others. We suggest researching thoroughly before opting for a brand that suits your vaping profile.

Battery Life

Mod pod vape devices have smaller and less efficient batteries than larger devices due to their compact size. It's crucial to think about how long a device's battery will last, mainly because most pod system vapes have internal batteries irreplaceable with a full battery. Depends on the type of battery built-in in the pod system, some devices go longer after a charge than others.