WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Temperature Control Mods

Temperature Control Mods

Temperature controlled mods are the latest trend in the vaping world and Evaperise has stocked in all the best new temperature control mode devices from top-rated brands just for our customers. For s in their vaping setup, someone who is looking for a change temp control mods can be the best pick. They provide a completely different vaping experience than the one you get from a regulated mod.


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What are temperature control mods?

It’s a solution for dry and burnt hits, by temperature control technology you can now regulate your coil’s temperature according to you preference. Temperature control mods have chipsets inside them which controls the heat supplied to the coil and the vapor level produced. It also lets you customize the wattage for more personalized vaping experience.

Temperature controlled regulated mods are versatile and can be used with any tank, RBA AND RDA.

How does temperature control mods work?

Temperature control mods employ the temperature limiting sensors with Nickel and Titanium coils, which allows controlling the temperature. Nickel alloy with its magnetic and electric conducting properties provide low gas and high vapor content. Tc devices provide consistent vapes even while dragging longer because it kept the temperature steady instead of getting hotter. The user choose the temperature and power of the coil get automatically adjusted to the chosen temperature.

DNA chipsets are the stars they are still believed to be the best temperature control chipset on the market. These chipsets were first manufactured by the company called Evolve in 2014. The chipset in TC device reads the temperature of the coil and keeps it at the same level as chosen by you. It also reduces the power supply to the atomizer and decreases the output power or shut the device off.

For these amazing features you are suggested to use only the following types of coils:

  •        Nickel 200 (Ni200).
  •        Titanium Grade 1 (Ti)
  •        Stainless Steel (SS).
  •        Nickel Ferrous (NiFe).

Kanthal is the most popularly used vape wire because of its constant resistance value.  It’s the special property of the Kanthal wires that its resistance stays static regardless of the temperature. for tc vaping you should use the coils whose resistance value are known and increase with the rise in temperature. Mod tracks the resistance of the coil when you start vaping and then keeps monitoring it while you vape. The change in resistance is first converted into temperature increase and then taken by the mod as a signal to adjust its power according to the selected temperature.


How to use temperature control mods?

You can choose to vape in several different settings in a Tc device such as using a wattage mode that provides a similar vaping experience as the regulated box mod but the only con is that you cannot control the coil temperature.

Nickel and titanium modes are also available which are the specialties of the TC device; you can completely control your coil’s temperature in these settings. As a vaper you must know that there is a coil inside your atomizer which has certain resistance, in case you use a regulated mod its shown generally on your device’s scree with a symbol of Ω.