WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Squonk Mods

Squonking is style of vaping using squonk mods. If you are a beginner vaper, squonking may sound foreign to you, but if you are a professional level vaper and have been vaping for long, you know that squonking is a game-changing vaping style. Squonking is loved by vapers worldwide, but it's not an easy style of vaping; that's why it's aimed at veteran vapers.

When squonking is revolutionary, it's also risky sometimes because it will explode in your hands if it is not handled properly. Squonking requires experience and careful handling from the user. Let's get into what is squonking and how does it work.

What are Squonk Mods?

Word squonking refers to the use of squonk mods while vaping. Squonk mods revive and rise to popularity after a dip in their demand; this time, they came back with a lot more advancements. For someone who is looking to expand his horizons, squonking could be a great option. Squonk mods employ a rebuildable drip atomizer that is fed from the bottom.  The dual battery squonk mods are also available on the market.

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How to Use Squonk Mod?

Unlike conventional dripping, squonking doesn't require continuous inconvenient wick dripping in the e-juice; instead, squonking provides intuitive vaping. For dripping squonk mods, use an integrated e-juice reservoir in which your e-liquid is stored; you have to squeeze the liquid bottle through e-liquid is pushed upwards and went directly into the RDA.

Since squonking is not as automatic as conventional vaping devices are, it needs a helping hand to squeeze the bottle. The e-liquid bottle inside the squonk mod has a large capacity to store a decent amount of liquid, so you don't have to carry a spare bottle. The squeezable bottle is also transparent and is exposed through the device's chassis so that you can monitor your liquid levels.

You can only fire up the device when you gently squeeze the liquid bottle and watch the liquid travel upward into the RDA; once the e-juice saturated the wicks, it regains its shape that was caved in by pressing.

Another interesting fact is that word squonk represents squeezing here; when you feel that e-juice flavor is started fading or you started getting burnt hits ( the wick is dry), it's the time to squeeze the bottle again. You can at least do the squeezing thing again n again to enjoy the real RDA vaping experience, right?

Using an RDA with a 510 connector entails getting it fit with a compatible bottom feed pin if the pin is not compatible with the connector, it will not work. The reason for that is e-liquid requires a path to travel upwards from the mod to the atomizer.

Regulated and Unregulated Squonk Mods:

There are mainly two types of Squonk mods Regulated and Unregulated; both types of mods are available at Evaperise online vape shop. The regulated squonk mods have chipsets inside them that control the power flow of the device, whereas unregulated mods don't have any control over the power supply. The unregulated squonk mod delivers the power directly from its battery to the 510 connectors every time the user lits up the device, making the unregulated squonking risky. Regulated squonk mods have built-in protection circuits; it gives you control over the power supply and makes it less risky and less prone to accidents. But still, we recommend our readers to use the best-regulated squonk mods from the authentic brands of the niche.

Who is squonking aimed at?

Squonking is for vapers who are experts in building their own coils; as a master of building your coil, you must know ohms law, wattage, resistance, and electricity components' importance in the process. So if you are someone who is just starting his vaping journey, squonking is not for you. Sqounking is for vapers who are already experienced.

Squonking is still in its juvenility and has risks attached to it; it provides the best flavor and clouds with RDAs, it can also prove to be a risk sometimes. Squonking is no doubt convenient to use, but with incorrectly built or unregulated mods, there is a fear of mishandling and explosions when using a squonk mod.

If you are a newbie who doesn't know the coil building art and want to try out squonking, we recommend you to start with the standard tank first and find out how you like it.

Where to Buy a Squonk Mod?

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