WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mini Mods

Small/Mini Vape Mods

Small/mini vape mod kits are designed for the customers' convenience. They provide portability of a pod and functionalities of a mod. Mini mods are high in technology and compact in sizes to provide you the best vaping experience on the go. Buy the best mini mods on the market from Evaperise at the lowest rates.

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What Are the Small/Mini-Mods?

With the advancements in technology, the size of vaping devices kept getting smaller, and their functions are being modified constantly. Now the users want to have a device that works as powerfully as the mods perform and are easily portable as the nano vape devices are; for that reason small mods are designed. They are slightly larger than the nano, micro, and other palm-size mods. Mini mods are both powerful and convenient to use, however, mini vape mods are advance than vape pods which means they might not be suitable for everyone. Now the manufacturers are catering to this issue and are making more user-friendly small vape mods.

The best feature that small mods offer to the user is that they provide customization of temperature, wattage, and battery like a mod device.

What are the Best Small Vape Mods?

Evaperise has the best small mods on the market in its inventory, and we encourage our customers to try out new small/mini vape mods until they find the right match for themselves. While choosing a small vape mod you should consider these major configurations:

·         Budget: we have all the devices out there, from the cheap affordable mini mods to the high-end mods but choose the mod that’s light on your pocket and under your budget.

·        Power and capacity: The best features of the mod devices are their battery life, do not forget to look for the battery that fits perfectly in your mods and lasts longer.

·         Aesthetics and design: mods came in different cool and funky designs; choose the mod with the best aesthetics.

·         Functionality: mods allow users a high level of customization and functionalities. Look for temperature control and other functions while choosing a small mod.

·        Build quality: while you are looking for a mini-mod vape device, you must be concerned about its portability, but we recommend you also consider its build quality and material used in its casing because it determines the reliability of the mod.

Our range of best mini/small vape mods include Innokin CoolFire Z50,  Vaporesso GTX One,  Jacvapour Series B DNA75, Aspire Reax Mini, Innokin EZ Watt, and OBS Cube Mini amongst others. Grab one for yourself now!