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Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods

There are various types of mods, but mechanical mods are the most basic type of mods. If you are considering a mechanical mod, then Evaperise is a place for you; we have a wide variety of high end mechanical mods on sale for our customers. Mechanical mods kits are primarily popular among cloud chasers and advanced vapers.

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What are the Mechanical Mods?

Mech mods are commonly known as mechanical; mods are the simplest of all mod devices; they have flashy pen-shaped bodies and have minimal functional complexities. Mech mods are basically for advanced vapors due to their unregulated batteries. With their unregulated batteries, mech mods are capable of; pumping out all the juice from the battery until it's dead.Mech mods feature a battery, housing, and an atomizer. Vaping Mechanical mods can accommodate a variety of housings, including the tube and box form, made from different types of metal and wood material. Apart from that some of the mech mods are built from unique casings like custom coffin boxes and artist-designed wooden housings. Battery installation depends upon the user and its need to vape. Most ecig mechanical vape mods accommodate one or two batteries but, some DIY guys go the extra mile to fit multiple batteries in a machine that suits their needs. You can use any atomizer of any coil and resistance with the mechanical box mod; they are highly accepting for all types of atomizers. The most loved atomizer with the mech mods is RDAs, as they directly drip e-liquid onto the coil.

How do The Mechanical Mods Work?

Mechanical mods are high in performance but extremely simple and minimal in terms of functionalities. They provide intense clouds with fewer complexities as compared to the other mods. As simple as it is, it features only a battery that is, placed in a way that connects both positive (top) and negative (bottom) terminal caps of the mod. It works with only a simple circuit supported by the battery. When the user pushes the fire button, its negative cap placed at the bottom of the mod connects with the battery and supply current to flow in the coil.

How to select a battery for the mechanical mod/ best batteries for Mech Mods?

Choosing a battery for the mechanical mod is a crucial part, and some don't even realize how important it is to select the battery that works well with your mod. While choosing a battery for your mech mod, you should consider its amp limit and do not select a battery that has an amp limit of fewer than 20 amps. The amps you are going to draw from your battery, depend upon the lower resistance of your coil. Besides, there are two types of batteries: the protected ones and the unprotected ones. Protected batteries are lithium ions, designed to shut off automatically if anything goes wrong, and for that purpose, it employs a circuitry. The problem with the protected batteries is if their circuitry fails; then it will result in flames and explosions. Non-protected batteries have IMR/ LITHIUM Manganese, and they do not feature the safeguard that protected batteries have. When the non-protected batteries fail, they only get awfully hot and nothing more than that, making it a better choice over protected batteries. Another significant factor to consider while purchasing a battery is its Milliamp hours, the more the mAh of the battery, the longer it lasts. Also, check before buying that your battery is fit into your mod; 18650 batteries are compatible with most of the mods.

Where to buy mechanical mods

Evaperise has the best mechanical mods on the market. We offer our devices with complete authenticity of their originality and also provide our customers with cheap vape mechanical mods with a warranty. Our inventory also includes mini mechanical mods and luxurious high-end mechanical mods. We stocked in the best names of mechanical mods brands like TVL Hi-Five Colt 45 V2, Rock Vape Mods Swordfish, Purge Mods Reinforcer, Russian Custom Mods Infinity Bonneville, and Times vape Heavy Hitter.