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Box Mods

Vape Box Mod|Best & Inexpensive

At Evaperise we offer our customers a wide range of the best vape box mods on the market. Box mods are loaded with amazing features and versatile functions. With their powerful batteries they are the perfect choice for anyone that is looking for a convenient and safe vape. Intense flavor and huge cloud production are yet other features of a box mod; they also allow the user for more customize vaping experience and are equally suitable for the beginners and intermediate level vapers.

What is a vape Box mod?

As its name is “Box mod”, you can easily infer that box mod is a “mod”, it derives its name from the early years of electronic cigarettes; only to refer that this device is for vaping. The box in box mods is related to its box like shape that’s comfortably fits in your palm. Box mods can accommodate multiple batteries and use different tanks, coils and atomizers interchangeably, making it the most versatile device. Box mods also offer more personalization options to the user by employing and chipset, voltage, power and temperature control technologies.

How to use a vape box mod:

Vape Box mods works the same way as the other vaporizers, its battery heat up the coil, which is placed inside the atomizer (separately from the box mod). Once the coil is heated up vapors it starts producing the vapors. The process may differ depending upon the type of atomizer attached to the device; Evaperise has many best box mods on sale for you to select one for yourself.

It allows the user to customize the wattage and voltage delivered to the atomizer, with more power supplied to coil that produces intense flavor and huge clouds. The higher the wattage delivered the strongest the throat hit will be, one of the most important reasons why it’s so popular among the vapers.

Box mods e-cigarettes also features a display screen fitted mostly on the face or bottom of the body of the device with multiple other setting options that are not available in small size vaporizers. They also let the user set their own preferred temperature through temperature control function to enjoy not too dry or hot e-liquid vapes.

How to select a box mod?

It’s certainly difficult to select a box mod from the wide variety available on the market, the main difference in the box mod devices is of power; some devices provide power up to 40W and some can even provide up to 300W of power. If you are an intermediate level vaper and vape at the resistance of 1ohm; then any box mod can work well for you because most of them can reach up to that level.

Apart from the functionalities, the looks of the device are equally as important as their any other functional configuration is. Opt for the device that suits your taste, atomizer, clearomizer the best.

Where to buy the cheap and affordable box mods?

Evaperise offers the from cheap entry level affordable box mods to the high end professional level box mod devices with complete warranty and authenticity guarantee. Invest your time and money at the right place for your new vape devices so that you won’t have to regret later. Evaperise offers quality devices with simple return policy and hassle free acquisition process.

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