WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Mods

Best Affordable Vape Mods

Evaperise offers the best affordable vape mods from top-rated brands in the market, including all its specs and accessories like vape mod with tanks & coils. We have a vape mod for all the vapers out there with different preferences. You can also pair your mod with a tank for a more customized vaping experience. We constantly upgrade our stock of vape mods with the latest introduced devices, so don’t forget to comeback for our next purchase.

Vaporesso Gen Nano Box Kit 2000mAh 3.5ml


Aspire Mixx 60w Vape Box Mod

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What are vape mods?

A vape mod refers to a mechanical vape device that doesn’t employ any circuits to perform, rather it makes a direct connection between the coil and battery, which makes a more powerful coil heating mechanism. Vape mods are the modified version on vape pens with enhanced features, these are larger the e-cigarettes and produce high & dense vapors. Advancements in terms of size for example they are large in size than their heirs, they have powerful and long lasting batteries, and have more e-liquid holding capacity. With all these modifications you are unlikely to find these features in a cig-alike.

What is the best mod for Vaping?

Geekvape Aegis Mini, JAC Vapour S22, Jacvapour Series B DNA75, SMOK MAG Grip and Voopoo Drag 2 are some of the best mods available on the market and also at Evaperise. Although these are the best mods out there but we do appreciate our customers to look for what suits their vaping level and preferences well. From single battery that fits in your palm to triple powerful batteries for advanced vapers we have all the top best new vape mods of 2021 in our inventory for you.

Where to buy vape mods?

Evaperise has the best vape mod devices in US, and we also offer a wide range of mods accessories such as coils, tanks, atomizers and e-juices all manufactured from the best brands in the industry. Evaperise also offers best mods vape devices for sale, so don’t forget to purchase from the best sellers of vape mods.

Types of Vape Mods

Vape box mods are one of the most common and popular vape devices out there in the market. These are popular among the users because of their versatility and long lasting battery life that’s capable of providing all-day long vaping. These devices have chipsets which allows user to customize their vape setting according to their preference.

Temperature control mods

Temperature control is another gaming changing feature of Mods. It allows the vaper to control and adjust the coil's heating temperature to prevent dry or burnt hits by keeping the temperature static, instead of letting it burnt without looking for how much power supplied to the coil. TC technology feature also allows for a longer coil life. If you haven't tried the Mod with TC, you owe it to yourself for the experience that's out of the world.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are the basic and authentic form of mods. They are simple, clean and has no extra circuitry. In the mechanical mods there are no chipset, so; atomizer and battery are directly connected which makes it a perfect choice for advanced vapers.

Squonk mods

If you are someone who loves simple and smooth vaping then sqounk mods are for you. They use a built-in bottle to feed the liquid into the tank. By squeezing the bottle; e-juice runs up directly to the mod and RDA. That results into a hybrid design of mod and RDA.

Small/mini mods

Small mods are aesthetically awesome, portable, handsome and funky looking compact vape mod devices. They are the coolest miniatures of vaping family that are popular for their designs and sizes. You should look for power, size, weight, functionalities and build quality while choosing a mini vape mod for yourself.

Pod mods

Innovations and advancements in vaping industry is the only constant. Some people love their mods and some likes to vape with a pod but what about their combination? Yes that exactly what a pod mod is. Podmod is a pod fixed in to the body of mod, no tanks and coils are required, there is a cartridge attached instead. Its star characteristic is its convenience and ease of use.

High end mods

High end mods are those manufactured with the premium quality material and are symbol of style and status. High end mods are epitome of luxury and supreme performance. These mods are full justice to their costs in terms of reliability and craft.