WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cali Air Disposable Device

Cali Air Disposable Device

Cali Air Disposable Vape Device employs Cali pods. These disposable devices make it easy to vape on the go without carrying heavy mods and juice bottles. They have the best builds and features at the most reasonable rates. You can vape different flavors without having to worry about cleaning the device’s tank or changing it. Cali Air Disposable flavors come in various variants like blueberry pomegranate, strawberry kiwi, mango orange guava, and orange peach, among many others. It has a 5% strength of nicotine in 50mg liquid, which is best for satisfying nicotine cravings and producing the best flavor.

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The popular Cali disposable pod options are Pods Blue Raspberry Disposable Pod Device, Cali Pods Blueberry Mint Disposable Pod The device, and Cali Pods Strawberry Disposable Pod Device. The blue raspberry disposable pod device is infused with delicious white-bark raspberry essence to produce the exact taste of berries. Blueberry Mint Disposable Pod Device carries a hint of mint with a blueberry flavor that tastes puffs to the next level. Cali Pods Strawberry Disposable Pod Device is the most popular; it has a rich strawberry flavor with a deliciously fantastic fragrance.

Cali Air Disposable Device is loved by vapors worldwide; vapors admire the variety of flavors available and the portability of the device with 5% nicotine which hits right in every craving taste bud. Evaperise stocked the Cali Air Disposable Devices with various flavors; you can never go wrong with the device, which has a gorgeous ergonomic design and versatile use.